Vol 6, No 2

MCFNS September 30, 2014

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Table of Contents

Operations Research and Decision Support Systems

Nils Egil Søvde
48-53 (6)

Sampling and Natural Resource Inventories

Daniel Unger, Jeremy Stovall, Brian Oswald, David Kulhavy, I-Kuai Hung
54-61 (8)

Special Section on the Southern Forestry GIS Conference

Pete Bettinger, Krista Merry
62-64 (3)
Roger Charles Lowe, Chris J Cieszewski
65-79 (15)
Thomas M Williams, Brian J Williams, Bo Song
80-88 (9)

Special Section on Decision Support Tools for Sustainable Forest Management

Christian Rosset, Jean-Philippe Schütz, Mark Günter, Clotilde Gollut
89-100 (12)