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Peer-reviewed Optimization Papers

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Vol 7, No 1: MCFNS March 30, 2015 Algorithms for estimating the suitability of potential landing sites Abstract   PDF
Nils Egil Søvde
Vol 6, No 2: MCFNS September 30, 2014 Off road transportation cost calculations for ground based forest harvesting systems Abstract   PDF   TEX
Nils Egil Søvde
Vol 6, No 1: MCFNS March 30, 2014 Schedule fuel treatments to fragment high fire hazard fuel patches Abstract   PDF
Yu Wei, Yehan Long
Vol 6, No 1: MCFNS March 30, 2014 Adjacency constraints in forestry – a simulated annealing approach comparing different candidate solution generators Abstract   PDF
Paulo Borges, Even Bergseng, Tron Eid
Vol 5, No 1: MCFNS March 30, 2013 Combining experts’ ratings for partly overlapping concept lists: a feasibility test with cultural sustainability indicators Abstract   PDF
Susanna Sironen, Teppo Hujala, Tanja Myllyviita, Jukka Tikkanen, Pekka Leskinen
Vol 4, No 2: MCFNS September 30, 2012 Optimal zoning of forested land considering the contribution of exotic plantations Abstract   PDF   TEX
Jay A. Anderson, Glen W. Armstrong, Martin K. Luckert, Wiktor L. Adamowicz
Vol 4, No 1: MCFNS February 28, 2012 Optimal Parameter Settings for Solving Harvest Scheduling Models with Adjacency Constraints Abstract   PDF
Phillip J. Manning, Marc E McDill
Vol 4, No 1: MCFNS February 28, 2012 A Strengthening Procedure for the Path Formulation of the Area-Based Adjacency Problem in Harvest Scheduling Models Abstract   PDF
Sándor F. Tóth, Marc E McDill, Nora Konnyu, Sonney George
Vol 2, No 2: MCFNS August 28, 2010 A Monte Carlo Methodology for Solving the Optimal Timber Harvest Problem with Stochastic Timber and Carbon Prices Abstract   PDF
Stanislav Petrasek, John Perez-Garcia
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