MCFNS Double-Blind Open-Public Initial Peer Review

The MCFNS Double-Blind Referring of the anonymous manuscripts is the initial stage of the MCFNS Open Public peer review system.  The submitted manuscripts undergo a 3-stage peer review process that includes the traditional editorial consideration, double-blind peer reviews by appointed referees and by public access review on this website, and an Open Public Peer-Review on the journal publication and preprint website.

Note that this site contains anonnymous works that are the authors' properties and must be kept confidential until their official publication.  For protection of the authors intelectual rights the contents of this site can be accessed only by logging in with a legitimate registration account.  All access events on this site are monitored and logged by the system, so that, in a sense, accessing the posted here materials by anyone is just as well documented as traditional reviewers' access to referred manuscripts.  To register on this site you must first register at the journal main site filling in all the fields of registration (including the bio statement) and then email the editor to extend your registration to this site.  There are no other restrictions or requirements for the registration at and use of this site and the only reason for this extra security is to ensure that no unidentified or illegitimate accounts get access to unpublished and unsigned works. 



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