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The mission of MCFNS is to publish peer-reviewed basic and applied research in Mathematical and Computational Forestry and Natural-Resource Sciences. This research can include theoretical solutions, proofs, derivations, software developments, and simulations, in forest management, growth and yield modeling, and other natural resource related studies. Journal items will be published collectively as part of an issue with its own Table of Contents biannually on the 30th of March and September of each year.

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Vol 6, No 1: MCFNS March 30, 2014

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Table of Contents

Operations Research and Decision Support Systems

Schedule fuel treatments to fragment high fire hazard fuel patches PDF
Yu Wei, Yehan Long 1-10 (10)
Adjacency constraints in forestry – a simulated annealing approach comparing different candidate solution generators PDF
Paulo Borges, Even Bergseng, Tron Eid 11-25 (15)

Mathematical Modeling

The Role of Age-Structure in the Optimal Germination Fraction of Seeds PDF
Amy K. Webster, Rene Cieszewski, Daniel Promislow 26-35 (10)

Programming and Software Development

A generic approach to spatial individual-based modelling and simulation of plant communities PDF Code
Oscar Garcia 36-47 (12)

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