Trends and projections from annual forest inventory plots and coarsened exact matching

Paul C Van Deusen, Francis A Roesch


The coarsened exact matching (CEM) method is used to match annual forest inventory plots awaiting remeasurement with plots that have already been remeasured. This results in a model-free approach for short term inventory projections. CEM has many desirable properties relative to other matching methods and is easy to apply within a SQL database. The combination of short term projections with a 3 or 5 year moving window is suggested for providing trend estimates that include the current year and a few years into the future. The default projection represents business as usual. A method to bias the plot matching to generate desired scenarios is also developed. These ideas and methods are demonstrated with several applications to forest inventory data. Scenarios are generated where increasing future harvest levels are stochastically controlled to demonstrate this capability with operational data.


Forest inventory, Moving average, Inventory projection, FIA data

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