The Conclusion of Perspectives on New Developments of Decision Support Systems for Sustainable Forest Management

Chris J Cieszewski, Pete Bettinger, André Falcão


This short discussion of two publications on Decision Support Tools for Sustainable Forest Management concludes the series of this journal's Special Sections on this theme resulting from the 2010 Workshop on Decision Support Systems in Sustainable Forest Management held in Lisbon, Portugal, on April 19-21, 2010. While the current section doesn't exhaust all the collection of the papers that were selected through collaboration between the conference organizers, its participants, and the MCFNS editorial team, it contains the two last papers from that series that passed the peer review process within a one year period (one journal volume timeframe) and were published as a collection of papers under a common banner. Thus, the papers contained here conclude this series of Special Sections on the subject, and any other submission from that same conference that may pass the peer-review process in the future will be published as general submissions.


Symposium Proceedings, DSFM, Systems Analysis, Operations Research, Decision Support Systems; Forest Planning Optimization

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