ProgettoBosco, a Data-Driven Decision Support System for forest planning

Fabrizio Ferretti, Camilla Dibari, Isabella De Meo, Paolo Cantiani, Massimo Bianchi


As a consequence of the spread of technology, also the forest sector needs to develop methods and tools capable to integrate the new available technology (Geographical Information Systems, databases, Decision Support Systems, GPS, satellite imaging, laser etc.) with the traditional tools.

In specific the present paper refers to the context of forest planning and management and to the implementation of a nationally standardized method and tool for monitoring and supporting forest planning and forest policy choices from a local to a national scale.

Within this framework and according to the definition of a Data-Driven Decision Support Systems, a method aimed at optimising the data collection on forest and forest management of Italy was developed. With ProgettoBosco a unique, participated and shared information system effective for all forest typologies existing in Italy was accomplished.

The paper focuses on the working methodology which is innovative and original for the sector of forest planning. The methodology, characterized by a bottom-up approach, is structured in three main steps: cooperation, successive approximation and experimentation.  MCFNS 3(1):27-35.


Data-driven DSS; sustainable forest management; Italy

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